Specializing in Myofascial Release in Wichita, KS

TankHouse specializes in Myofascial Release (MFR), a specific therapy performed without oils or creams which is most helpful for chronic issues, trauma, and restrictions held in the body.

This hands-on treatment involves applying gentle sustained pressure and stretches on the body allowing a more effective release of the fascia, muscles and connective tissue and increased mobility, flexibility, and postural awareness.


The Fascia is a fractal, 3-D, uninterrupted and interconnected system that spans our entire body, covering and infusing with muscles, bones, nerves, brain, and vessels down to the cellular level. Because of this interplay, research is increasingly indicating the role fascia plays in interpreting pain, increasing cellular efficiency throughout the body, and maintaining optimal health.


When the body falls out of balance, through injury, stress, or illness, the fascial system reacts by tensioning and shortening to protect injured areas of the body. Each movement reinforces that protective reaction until another area of the body compensates for the imbalance. When left unattended, the body structure can further deteriorate, potentially leading to chromic illness, depression, or disease.

Only recently, the fascia was viewed live. Micro-endoscopic footage by Dr. Jean Claude Guimberteau shows the fascia to be highly hydrated and constantly moving. It appears translucent, gel and web-like. Previous medical explorations were done only on cadavers, where the fascia was stripped and tossed away to view the rest of the body, dismissing what we now understand is a critical part of a healthy system.

Myofascial Release, The John F. Barnes approach, uses sustained pressure, stretches, and movements to allow the fascial system to activate and move more freely, creating space in and around restrictions in the body. This allows blood flow and hydration to reach injured sites for long term healing and bringing the body back in balance.